About Selva Orejon

onBRANDING is partner of Cellebrite and Cobwebs, both Israel tech companies.

Executive Manager and Founder at onBRANDING we work with Reputation Intelligence, specialized on: Digital Identity Protect and Defense (online crisis management, digital reputation, Digital Identity, Digital protected witness protocol program.

Mentor of the NCL National Cybersecurity League.

Founder of Brand Care Congress (digital identity, online reputation, CIBINT, OSINT, OSINV, SOCMINT, PRIVINT, cybersecurity, law and privacy ) due to the nowadays issues related with security problems like #byod (bring your own device) #cloud #datasharing our organization has built a #socialRiskAnalysis #privacy #bigdata #socialintelligence #OSINV #OSINT #PRIVINT #CRISIS #CIBERINVESTIGACIÓN #CYBER

Strategic communication management with more than 13 years of experience on multinational: Repsol, Grupo Planeta, Grupo Atofina, Holtzbrink Group and Grupo Agroaliment.

Professor and speaker at Universities and Business Schools; is native of Spanish, Catalan and speaks fluent in English, with medium level of German and French.


Ralph del Valle

Coordinator First Line of Information Centre en EUIPO

With Selva, leadership is not a business card, it is a constant attitude of doing things better, always. He never stopped listening to anyone on the team, never spared an effort, never thought something was difficult or impossible. It was a pleasure working with her, hopefully our paths will cross again sometime.

Ruben R.

Investigador OSINT y Perito Judicial en Ciberdelincuencia y delitos en la Red. Postgrado de Psicoterapia-Carl Rogers.

In addition to being a great professional in Social Networks, Digital Reputation and CyberInvestigation, what most surprised Selva María is the ability to concentrate and organize work during the course, in which as an anecdote, I can say that she did not leave her professional job as a side, combining both tasks with absolute normality. You learn a lot from professionals like Selva María, I hope I can meet again and share knowledge.

Maria Baigorri

Dirección, gestión y redacción de contenidos. UX Writing. Comunicación digital 360. Desarrollo proyectos online. RR.SS.

Selva, or what is the same, positivity, energy, talent, the ability to overcome, empathy and the illusion made person; both outside and inside work. A pleasure to have met you and shared hours and hours of work at Lanetro.com

Jesús de la Torre

Fitness Coach en Condal CrossFit

I have had the pleasure of being able to attend the "Egosurfing" conference that Selva María gave at our Vitae Training School, specifically in the Business subject and in which she told us about the great "boom" that social networks have acquired today, the personal reputation that can be acquired through them and the commitment to create our own personal brand. In conclusion, it is a pleasure to question, debate and learn about such a current and highly relevant topic with such a qualified and professional person like Selva María.

Francisco Borja Oyarzabal Lodge

Comunicación Corporativa, Marketing digital y Protocolo

Selva has been one of the best colleagues with whom I have been able to work. Her honesty, order and professional character make her know how to communicate very well in different environments and work very well as a team and with all kinds of people. At the same time, I have seen her take the reins when necessary and be an exemplary leader to advance very ambitious projects. In total, I find her a very enterprising person, who knows how to shape herself well and with exceptional skills.

Miguel Roca Vazquez

Head of Digital Strategy en Sra. Rushmore

I have had the opportunity to work with Selva, the first in Grupo Planeta's lanetro.com project, where she worked as my superior, and for some time I have collaborated with her on various projects through Onbranding, and I can only think of saying the great Management skills, and her extensive knowledge of the world of Social Media, which together with an unbeatable attitude towards life, makes it always a pleasure to work with her, as well as an opportunity to expand knowledge of the 2.0 environment, along with latest news (tools, actions, changes in the market, new Social Networks ...) Without a doubt any project that has it, will have acquired added value, and a guarantee of success. Very good professional, with an exceptional gift for managing her employees. Very good strategic and tactical ability, I would repeat working with her.

Enric Ordeix-Rigo

Director at Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull

I do really recommend her! She has been a good studenta dn reseracher while she is been with me!

Nacho Guerrero Vanaclocha

Socio - Cofundador en Deaya Sports & Entertainment y Miembro del Consejo de Administración en UE Cornellà

Selva is the best! If you want your company to exist on the Internet, talk to it or you are dead.

Irene Alamillo

Instructor en Pilates Lab

One of the most efficient people I have met professionally, he has a great creative capacity and enthusiasm for everything he does. It is involved in own and other people's projects. She is a great companion, able to coordinate perfectly with the rest to work as a team. In constant renewal, as it tries to be up to date in everything related to new technologies and communication channels. Sincere and honest, with a clear gift of people. It radiates a lot of energy and optimism. Working with her is a pleasure.

Eva Gaspar

CEO en Abylight, CEO en GD_Consult, President en @org_PAD

Eva reported directly to SelvaI known Selva for a long time now and it has always amazed me how she handles all the projects where she is involved. In particular her vitality, hard work and ability to motivate others. I look forward to share new projects with her in the future.

Luis Hernández Rodríguez

Chief Digital Officer | eCommerce and Digital Marketing Director en El Corte Inglés

Selva is a smart and clever person. She has a great knowledge about Community, OnLine PR, and SMO and OnLine landscape in Spain. She's always positive, always looking ahead and really focused in the users and how they use product and technology on the web. Great team player, she's a really proactive person. Selva knows how to move a web project - from definition of the product, to implementation of the "go to market strategy" - in order to become a Community. She's someone to recommend without hesitation. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Miguel Angel Abeledo

Director de Sistemas en Fundación Laboral de la Construcción

Selva demonstrates a great creative and synthetic capacity in the execution of the projects he carries out. Thanks to his positive vision of problems, he turns conflicts and difficulties into opportunities for development and improvement. Working with her in the creation of AERCO has given me the satisfaction I get when projects go smoothly. Great professional.

Jose Antonio Gallego

Talent and Culture at BBVA

Working with Selva in the constitution of AERCO since it was just a simple idea, has been an incredible experience. Selva is a proactive and enthusiastic person, who faces all difficulties in a very positive way. I would highlight her great creativity, her countless contacts in all areas of communication, and her high knowledge of new technologies and social networks. It has extraordinary energy, and incredible analytical capacity. Within the field of communication, be it 2.0 or conventional, it is impossible to find a better partner.

Kathy Matilla

Vocal Junta Directiva en Dircom Cataluña

In my capacity as professor and tutor of the faculty of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Ramón Llull University (URL) in Barcelona (Spain), I send you the following brief, at the request of the Miss Selva Orejón_ Selva was a student of mine a few years ago and therefore I can attest to her personal qualities, capacities and abilities. Academically, he is a person deeply attracted by knowledge in all its facets. Proactive, orderly and methodical, with great will power and a great capacity for work and analysis / synthesis, at the end of her studies she was deserving of excellent evaluations, especially for her capacity for strategic approach and teamwork. refers to human values, Selva is a person of great personal quality: discreet, friend of her friends, loyal, helpful, tenacious, with an enormous capacity for work and great common sense, she strives day after day to excel herself , always applying ethical criteria. For all of the above, I highly recommend Selva Orejón, in absolute confidence that she will be an excellent co-worker. excellence aspires.

Nombre Apellidos

Rafael López

CRM | BI | Transformación Digital | MBA

Selva is a capable and creative person with knowledge in both conventional and 2.0 communication. Entrepreneurial, disciplined person, and with a wide network of contacts. Also highlight his great motivation for any project and his ability to work both as a team and individually.

Rafael Campoamor

Freelance Digital Marketing Professional

Selva is a capable and creative person with extensive knowledge of the market and the marketing situation both online and offline. He is a motivated person with a wide network of contacts who manages to turn any job he performs into success.

Benoit Vandevivere

CEO at Consentio, Lawyer, Speaker..

Selva has been a very pro-active and important player in Studivz's success. She is one of the few who can claim to have seen and experienced the rise of some of the largest and earliest social networks of Europe, first hand and therefore is clearly a strategic asset for anyone looking to get some insights in viral marketing, communities.